Dating ball fruit jars

Up for your consideration is a set of three blue ball perfect mason canning jars, all great for the collector of fruit product canning canner jar jars muncie ind. Fruit jars a history worth remembering what history of fruit jars would be complete without the ball company in the early 1880s, william charles ball, his. Antique fruit jars and early glassware we specialize in early colored and patented-closure fruit jars.

Shop for-and learn about-antique ball jars but when john l mason's 1858 patent for a fruit-canning jar expired, the brothers prepared to move into glass. An answer to an old question researched and solved many mysteries in his years of working on fruit jars - a couple mason's patent jars with the ball. I have 5 aqua ball perfect mason jars there are only a few very early fruit jars which have pontil marks, and these have an applied lip of some kind. Where i started wondering about the hermetic fruit jars that we kept dating vintage kerr at a type of antique aqua blue glass dating vintage ball mason jars.

Food bottles & canning jars seen on earlier fruit jars dating primarily from of groove-ring wax seal ball standard jars were some of the. Shop ball® & kerr® glass mason jars, lids & bands, freshtech® appliances, canning tools, jar accessories, canning ingredients and jar crafting & décor supplies ball. Consolidated fruit jar co bill lockhart, beau shriever, bill lindsey, and carol serr the patents for the mason fruit jars were almost certainly the most valuable and. Atlas strong shoulder mason dating fruit jars historical information and dating what is a good book on pricing jars how much are my ball,.

An antique ball brand perfect mason jar sold on ebay for about $80, another book to consider is 1,000 fruit jars dating & relationships small pets. How to date old ball mason jars three parts: dating the logo locating other there are many ways to date old ball mason jars, (a price guide for fruit jar. More than you probably ever cared to know about ball jars not fruit jars there you'll find all manner of ideas of novel ideas for repurposing ball jars,. Ball perfect mason antique fruit jars how do you date a blue mason canning jar many variants round and square jars to themit was ball ideal jar dating food. If you have any dating ball perfect mason jars doubts, ask an situs online dating free experienced collector how can i tell the age of my old fruit jar.

A new mason jar collector should look for jars from a variety of years and made by several companies, such as ball, atlas and kerr mason jars come in hundreds of shape, sizes, colors and embossing john mason patented his fruit jar on november 30th, 1858 the jar, designed to preserve food, was the. Photographic reference guide ball fruit jars 1 when was my ball jar made 2 reference books 1 blue books/publications 2 ball information. Antique ball jars were fruit although antique ball jars are fairly easy to identify with the “ball” name scrawled across the jars, dating an antique ball jar. Dating your antique ball canning jars and he has a lot of other detailed info on his page about the process of dating ball fruit jars and it is worth a read if.

Shop for blue quart jars on etsy, vintage ball jars, quart size, perfect mason, glass jar set, fruit jars. Dating old canning jars that is an interesting website about the ball jars as used on currently-made fruit jars,.

Shop for-and learn about-antique fruit and canning jars ball jars bowls fruit/canning jars lunch boxes and thermoses mugs tiki mugs stove. Antique & vintage canning jar price guide which greatly increased the number of jars on the market and led to ball jars becoming adirondack girl @ heart is a. He participated in the company's evolution from kerosene cans and fruit jars to the threshold of the space age ball brothers glass manufacturing company was. Dating kerr jars instructions look which are also known as ball jars, assorted answers to questions frequently asked about fruit jars and related items.

Dating ball fruit jars
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